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Meet the Horses and Ponies!

Here at Laurel Manor we have a wide variety of horses and ponies of various sizes and skills available for many of our rider's diverse interests and needs. Below are the horses and ponies currently calling Laurel Manor home.  Each horse's show name is depicted in parenthesis.

Nimaway (Hungarian Szeven Diamonds)
Nimaway with Kizzy 3.jpg

Known around the Manor as The Barn Queen, Nimaway is a Hungarian Felver.  She was born in 2003 and purchased by Laura in 2006.  In 2019, Nimaway foaled (gave birth) to a beautiful little filly named Kiszmet (Kizzy).  Kizzy is still learning how the world around her works, but she's a quick learner and we have no doubt she's destined to be a celebrity in the arena.

Maybelline (Oz Sunset Serande)

Maybelline is a Red Roan Welsh pony. She was the first schooling horse purchased for LM Equestrian Riding Academy, and contributed to our early success. Over the years, Maybelline has continued teaching beginner and intermediate children. 

Cinnamon (Cinnamon Spice)

Often seen as the barn's mascot, Cinnamon is a Strawberry Roan Shetland cross pony.  She very much enjoys treats and brushing, but prefers to teach children and adults from the ground.  She is an excellent pony for anatomy instruction!

Ricky (Ricky Ticky Tavi)

Ricky's early life saw him enjoying the hills of Missouri, and he's made a huge life change since moving to Laurel Manor.  He has proven himself to be a very talented pony in both our lesson program and the show circuit.  Ricky is a Welsh cross pony and is perfect for children and small adults.

Happy (Happy Happy Happy)

Happy is a Welsh Cross/Pinto/Paint Medium pony and is one of the more regular ponies on the show circuit for Laurel Manor.  Happy enjoys working with younger children and strives to perform at his best at all times.

Cedar (American Girl)

Cedar is locally bred from another training facility in Northwest Arkansas.  She possesses the talent to be a huge success in the show ring and is often seen training with Laura to develop her skills. 

Baby Nike (Surfin USA)

Baby Nike, commonly referred to as simply Baby, is another locally bred and raised horse in Northwest Arkansas.  He is a relatively new addition to the barn and is a large pony that has the potential to be a super star in the show ring as he gets older.

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