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Boarding Options 

Laurel Manor has several options available for owners wishing to board their horse or pony.  In addition to stall board, we offer a boarding option we simply refer to as shed board.  Below is a brief description outlining those differences.

Stall Board


Stall Board is just what it sounds like and ensures your horse will have a stall to call home each night.  Laurel Manor will feed and turn out your horse as agreed and provide any special supplements that may be part of their diet.  Turn out is divided among the larger horses and smaller ponies.

Shed Board


Because we believe no horse should be left outside overnight without cover, we offer what we refer to as shed board.  Your horse is housed in a pen with their own open entry and covered shed for them to sleep, eat, or simply hang out.  Although our shed boarders are not inside the barn, they are given the same care and attention as all our other residents!


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